Monday, August 24, 2009

ELCA in theological freefall.

Several centuries ago the Christian church became filled with teachings that came from anywhere but the scripture. That soon led to the reformation. Several places experienced it, but chief among them was Germany. A lowly monk became disenchanted with the teachings of the Catholic church. He believed the Just shall live by faith. It wasn't long before he was kicked out of the church and made a wanted man. his reformation lived on, and soon, with the help of an invention by a printer named Gutenberg, The word of GOD was in the hands of people. They could read it for themselves, decide for themselves and worship GOD as they interpreted his word. The word of GOD is clear on many things, less clear on others. Today some speculate as to whether there is any GOD, and if the Bible is merely a pipe dream.
It would appear the ELCA has joined that group. The Bible is GODs instruction book for our lives. It is not a set of unreasonable codes to punish us, but rather guidance to protect us. GOD forbids things for a reason. Who in their right mind would buy a car and do every thing the oposite of what the manufacturer said? Only a fool. Time and science have proven the wisdom of the Bible. It is filled with dire warnings, yet we continue to ignore them. That is hte case with the ELCA.
Some years back I was a member of an ALC congregation. After they joined with the ELC to becom the ELCA, I left. Most of it had to do with their acceptance of a certain serial killer named George Tiller whom they embraced as a sort of god. I was brought up to respect life. An unborn child is an innocent being, whereas a killer is one condemned in the Bible to a fate prescribed by GOD. If a government choses to ignore GODs law, I am not one to take it into my own hands. GOD also said to respect governments. We get the one we deserve, obviously we don' deserve much as GOD is destroying everything our nation built in the days when it stood for right and honest and just things.
The ELCA has accepted homosexuals as members of the clergy, a group that GOD says will not enter the kingdom of Heaven which he has prepared for his chosen followers. Who but a fool would follow a condemned person to paradise?
The ELCA is not cutting edge, they are following the mainstream of America. Right. Down. The. Toilet. Don't follow. Don't go with the flow. Fight back with ever fiber of your being, FIGHT BACK! America is at stake? America is lost!
I don't side with Fred Phelps. the members of his church have done more to harm Christianity then to help it. The deaths of our troops in Iraq is not a sign of GODs judgement. That telltale warning is here at home in a society of a church that accepts the things that GOD condemns.

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