Monday, August 24, 2009

An open letter to Walmart, CVS Caremark Chlorox and Sprint

This is inregard to your foolish decision to with draw advertising from the Glen Beck Show. While I am not a viewer of his show, I support him. On July 28 Beck refered to Obama as a racist. The real problem with this statement is that beck is correct. Obama has used black activists to advace his agenda including the militant black panthers. he made racially charged remarks about his own grandmother, and most recently attacked a good law enforcement officer for doing his job when the subject of his concern was a racist vile black man.
Your decision to support a vile hate filled racist president means that I will not be using your store or your products.
As wit hthe few other times I have chosen to boycott a store, I will be evaluating that decision in about a year. For the next year, I will be telling all my friends, every one I know or meet to boycott your store and why.
Sorry it came to this, it was your decision to suck up to the I strongly urge every person who visits this blog to join the botcott, and if possible write, call or e-mail the company.

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