Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Tonights choices are Sons of Guns or Sons of Bitches Well, I don't think Will Hayden has ever lied as much as POS ObamAA- has. Took me about three minutes to decide to change stations, and Mitt spoke for two of those.
I cannot stomach that liar not for a moment. His plan won't raise taxes on 97% of small businesses? Probably so, it will destroy then so they will pay no taxes.
The only upside of the democrap party is that a huge percentage of them do not reproduce. many of the ones who would, slaughter them rather then give birth to them. That is thier biggest down side.


Spartacus said...

The best part of the debate was getting to watch Chris Matthews have an on air nuclear meltdown. Looks like the tingle up his leg turned into a load in his diaper.

Gregory said...


JeremyR said...

Spartacus, Awesome comment!