Friday, October 26, 2012

My feelings on immigration remain unchanged

A sad story. Two members of a group of immigrants from Guatamala were killed when they chose to run rather then stop.  It was a bad decision on the part of the driver. the Texas officer did not know if he had a truck load of refugees, a load of drugs or a terrorist bent on destruction. His decision, a wise one, will haunt him for many years. He is now being vilified by too many people.
I want a secure border. One that is closed as tight as the Iron curtain. I do not want to see imigrants risking life and limb to get here. We want to keep the drugs and criminals out, and offer our hospitality to those seeking a chance at a better life. Not so much welfare bumbs and slackers.
As soon as Congress reconvenes, the republicans need to introduce legislation containing a simple plan.
1. Secure the border.
2. identify illegals who are here.
3. Clasify them into five groups,
    a. Those who want to become productive citizens
    b. Those who want to work here but eventually return to thier home country
    c. Legitimate refugees
    d. Criminals
    e. Freeloaders.
4. Deport the criminals and the freeloaders. Ensure the criminals serve prison time in their home land, and give them a strong incentive to not return, I would castrate them. Make the home land of the freeloaders pay us for supporting them. We could send several of our own with them back to Mexico or where ever.
5. Punish employers who knowingly hire illegals.
6. Get the ones who want to make The USA their home started on becoming citizens, and the ones who want to eventually return home documented so they can benefit our nation and live a good life while they are here.
7. devise a simple immigration system for people who are coming here looking for a better life. Lets not limit it to those with higher educations. Frankly, I want our doctors schooled in the United States, not Cuba, and engineers from oOur universities as well. The strength of America is built on hte backs of hard working immigrants, lets not give up what we worked so hard for, and lets not squander our future with foreign educated marxists, the ones churned out by our failed universities are bad enough.
We don't need our cops feeling guilty because they killed a few who acted like terrorists.

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