Sunday, October 7, 2012

ObamAA-s hero is reelected

Hugo Chavez gets another six years as votes in Venezula went to the polls today in what I would bet was a seriously rigged election.
Like ObamAA- Hugo has used the public purse to finance his reelection bid. Like ObamAA- hugp has tossed public money to the poor and lazy to cement support for his rule.
One change that would switch our political landscape  would be to remove people who accept public assistance from the voter rolls for three years from the date they last accept a dime of public money. I'm not talking about Social Security RETIREMENT, if the person is over age 62, it would change nothing. I'm talking about people who are on SS disability who have not been an active participant in the work force. FWIW, I oppose the present disability system. When welfare was gutted, the lazy and shiftless walked from welfare onto the disability rolls. Disability should not be paid from the public chest. If a person is disabled in a work accident, they should be eligible for workers compensation. if it was an accident at home, home owners insurance, or if a vehicle, car insurance should foot the bill. Poor insurance companies? Not hardly. They ferret out frauds, so if some one milked the system, they would likely get nailed. If a person does not have some kind of insurance to protect them, their family can decide whether to support them or nominate them for a Darwin Award.
So while Barry celebrates the continuation of evil in South America, I feel sorry for the folks who are stuck living under it.

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Gregory said...

I hate this disability system too. I knew this 31 year old man for a while who was living on a bigger disability check than my 62+ retirement check! That really pissed me off. ADHD was supposed to be one of his disabilities. But I watched him work tireless for 2 days trying to figure out how to erase his laptop hard drives and install one of several Ubuntu operating systems. He was on that computer like glue. ADHD is a scam. He also claimed PTSD because of an abusive mom.....