Monday, October 22, 2012

What is Trump up to

Donald the hair (brain) says he has a "big announcement" which he will reveal via twitter on Wednesday. We can only guess. My hope is he bribed away a copy of ObamAA-s college transcripts. Please Don, show us what a SCoaMF on drugs does on college exams. Was he an above average student? Well, we have four years of anecdotal evidence to show us he was probably an utter failure, some one who got a degree because he was dark skinned and sounded better then a street thug.

I'm not saying ObamAA- was a street thug, its clear he was not. A candy ass like him would have been pounded down the first grated manhole, and washed into the ocean.

We know he's been a muslim since he started college. there are questions about what he was doing in Pakistan in the early 80's, an answer to that would be nice.

If its more showman shit, Trump can dump it. he will never top Clint Eastwood, so don't waste our time. If the Donald does not have something of substance, we need to give him a ratings beat down and shove his show off the air. Both Apprentice, and the Miss UN-a-verse.

Show or fold Donald, this is no time for cheap games.

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Gregory said...

Well, today is
Wednesday. Ain't seeing anything worthwhile on the news yet... Still looking.