Monday, October 15, 2012

Just a tune

Don't know why, but I found myself singing this over the weekend. Haven't heard it in years.


Gregory said...

I hadn't heard this in years either. Posted it to my timeline on facebook.

Gregory said...

did you listen to last nights debate? That moderator broad actually sided with obongo. She wouldn't let Mitt refute obongos claim that he announced right away that the Libyan consulate attack was a terrorist attack. She wouldn't let Romney call him out. Where the hell do they get these 'moderators'? I'll tell you what.Newt wouldn't let her pull that shit. I wish Mitt didn't have such nice manners.

JeremyR said...

Mitt was indeed too nice, but he made it plain what was going on. Only fools, 53% of America at last count. won't get it.
So what I wonder is, is the SCoaMF that good a liar, or so stupid he actually believes his drivel?