Friday, October 19, 2012

FEMA grads

Our nation is swiftly sinking into Tyranny. Oct. 7th saw the graduation of the first class of Fucking Evil Maniac's Asshats. Ask yourself why we needed another para military force in government. We already have the best military in the world, World class police in the FBI and marshal's service, and a cross section of Americans who step up to the plate in time of emergency or national disaster.

Our state Police are not lacking in man power. if anything, the one hindrance for them is a court which at times is too soft on crime.

After 9-11-01 Bush screwed up and created a monster. We do not need to become a police state. We need to protect our freedom, not repress it! We should not treat terrorists like the latest fed bomber as criminals, we should treat them like saboteurs, like enemy spies, like vermin. If they perpetuate an attack, and are not in a military uniform and following lawful orders from a leader of a nation, they need to hang or worse. in this case, worse should include being sewn into a pig carcass and slow roasted.

As for FEMA, the second thing congress needs to do is disband it and out law it. the first of course is a full and swift investigation of the crimes of ObamAA- and removal of his cronies from offices.

Why do we need another organization as powerful as our military?

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