Saturday, October 20, 2012

Libya aint going away

Folks are comparing Libya to Watergate. Others are comparing it to Monica-gate, the Bay of Pigs, Carter's 444 days of stupid, and a host of other things. While we can compare all we want, this is a national disgrace, an international disaster, and ammunition for our enemy islam.

This administration claimed it would be the most transparent administration ever, yet we have a continuous succession of scandals. At the outset, we called it Chicago politics. Its far worse.

We have had laughs as he bowed and groveled before the Saudi King. We all felt a nasty taste as he sucked up to Hugo Chavez, and Amalama ding dong. We all felt shock at the murder of Officer Terry, and disbelief at his actions leading up to the Arab Horror show in Libya and Egypt, and the continuing cycle of stupidity as the happenings in the middle east went from bad to beyond worse. Side issues such as the various energy scandals and Moochelles many vacations barely rate mention in the list of acts we have endured from this band of petty scum. We can only hope that another three weeks will mark the end of this national disgrace.

I don't know what you want to call it, Me? I call it treason.


Spartacus said...

The 10/22 debate might prove to be the most interesting of them all. The Subject matter will be foreign policy. Watching the MSM performing back flips in an effort to avoid mentioning key words such as "Libya", "Benghazi", "Arab spring", "diplomatic mission", "ambassador", "Chris", "Stevens" or "dead Americans" will be bearing witness to an exercise in futility.

Obama owns this and will go down like a five dollar crack whore because of it. My apologies and condolences to Chris Stevens family, but I'm going to enjoy this one, "the one" deserves everything coming at him.

JeremyR said...

Sparticus, it Teh Won. just ask the great Don Surber.