Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gonna miss her

After a lot of heart tugs, I traded my .243. When I purchased it, I noted that availability of ammo and cost were the two down sides of the .243, and they are what tipped me over to the .308. Yes, I already had one Ar in .308, but it was a bull barrel, stainless job and heavy as heck.
The .243 is a great round. availability is the key factor though, and right now its scarce as an honest democrat, not a one to be bought. Walmart is out of both rounds. The reloaders aren't punching out .243 either, not enough demand.
Sorry for not posting pictures, my internet connection is acting weird, and uploads are failing.


Gregory said...

Lots of 243s up here in Montana. Great gun for a beginning hunter or a small female.

JeremyR said...

Gregory, it is indeed a fine caliber. I still have my deer rifle in .243. It is an excellent coyote gun, and one of my favorite calibers.
My consideration though is what to have when things go BAD in America, We have groups who would love to destroy this nation, people who might at any time damage our infastructure, launch another 9-11 attack, or even mislead groups like the ocutards into an active revolt. For times like this, and I fear they are coming, I want a weapon where I can readily resupply from an army or marine unit. I am not a revolutionary. I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States as the militia was intended to do. With the .243 I was limited to a small supply of ammo. With the .308 I can count on a steady supply of rounds.