Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fear not Big Bird

ObamAA- will defend you. Since the SCoaMF fared so poorly in hte debates he is attempting to save face and is attacking Romney for threatening to cut funding for PBS the liberal swill pot of worthless. When I heard aboutthe comments, my honest reaction was "They are still around?"
As has been the case for the last nine months, since Barry has to run away from his record instead of on it, he has to dredge up some tidbit to attack Romney on.
Libs attack Romney by calling him mittens, and so far its accurate, he needs to put on gloves and come out swinging. This race could be a land slide if he just points out what a failure the ScoaMF has been.
Romney fail to excite me. Sure, he is far supperior to McInsane in every way, he is a sould business leader and has the cred to prove it, but he also does not light a fire the way Reagan could, or people like Herman Cain can. He is no failure though and will hopefully move America back toward financial stability, the anti ObamAA-.

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