Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spotters on overpasses?

It seems that Connecticut and Massachusetts have received funds from the feral err federal government to place spotters on overpasses for our safety. They will be looking for people who text while driving.
I do not like people who text and drive. I hate getting texts from people all the time, and I despise those who can't communicate with the spoken word in an articulate manner. That said, this is not the answer to the problem. Combating texting while driving is a simple fix. With the advent of smarter phones, the fix is easy, modify the software in all devices so that if the device is moving at a speed greater then ten MPH, the texting and browse features are disabled.
I know a lot of folks like to use their droid on the bus or the train, and they are gonna be UPSET. thats easy to solve as well, a hot spot device installed in busses and train cars to over ride the function.
Most of this can be done with software updates. design the software, then inform the user that his ability to test will be terminated if he does not update his software.
if any one in government was one lick serious about this, the fix would be in by January. All they care about though is revenue for two bit radar traps and scum bag dictator wannabe's, so a simple fix will not happen.
Incidently, I've been involved in two crashes that were caused by texting.
The other fix is to get the cops out of our lives regarding this, and seat belts. I wear them BTW. Only allow tiickets when it is a factor in a crash.

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Gregory said...

I think like you on this. I believe that so many things have been made illegal and punishable by fines just because it is another source of revenue for cities, counties and states. Pisses me off.