Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Was turned down by the bank today

All I wanted to do was finance a tank of gas for deer season, but they said I didn't have enough assets for it.
Are you mad? I mean really mad? Why Not? I am sick and tired fo the ever soaring costs of fuel in America. Libtards will scream that prices wer high under Bush, and as a matter of fact, they did get up there after the communists err democrats took control of congress and Bush did nothing to stop their insanity.
All through the Clinton error We had relatively stable prices in the buck fifty range, and when George took the reins in 2001 it was at $1.49. Things didn't start to get bad until 2004 as the republican congress failed to control spending and inflation loomed. Yes, we have inflation. We have SERIOUS inflation even though the government won't admit it. They have factored fuel costs and food costs out of the equation. WHAT THE HECK for? Fuel and food are the largest expenses for many families. Those are what are eating our paychecks, not mortgages or rent. Fuel and food! the things most important! With out fuel, we don't get to work, and with out food, we don't have the energy to work.
Denny posted a great pic, its a photo shop because no station would waste margue space for it in this politically charged time. I wish some of them would dare to do it.
Last musing, will ObamAA- steal the election outright, or use an executive declaration to prevent Romney from being sworn in ala his hero Chavez? Think about THAT!


Gregory said...

I just bought a medium sized motorcycle to ride because I am sick to death of subsidizing sowdi arabia. I might get a moped later. Screw our politicians who make so much money that gasoline could go to $20/gallon and it wouldn't bother them!

JeremyR said...

You can screw them. The drug store here don't carry a condom I would trust for that task. Flip side is they done screwed me and most of middle America to death already. I guess I'm screwed no matter what.