Friday, November 13, 2015

Coming to a city near you

If you think the attacks in Paris can't happen here, you are dead wrong. We have already had our wake up call, hit snooze, and got caught napping. Think 9-11-01, Bush's claim we are not at war with islam even though they are clearly at war with us, and the Boston bombings.
The Boston bombers were islamic terrorists that we imported. You can be certain that the terrorists who attacked France were imports, not home grown.
Need more convincing? ObamAA- just imported another 10,000, moving them to New Orleans. My first thought on that was  "How fitting." New Orleans is one of the most violent cities in the nation. its murder numbers do not match Chiraq because it is much smaller. Its rate though is on par. Prior to Katrina it was much worse. I half way expect to see the fine folks in the 9th wart go straight to it with these imported terrorists. Who wins is any body's guess. What is worse is that both groups are obamunists.
Do you need any more proof that his goal is the complete destruction of America?
France is fucked. The flood has only a short boat ride to their shore from Africa, and the horde swarming from Syria through Turkey is swamping all of Europe. France closed their borders, but it is too late. They have a million plus invaders in their country now. All they need is arms, bombs, and instructions. Clearly that have ready access to all three. If the terrorists were limited, they would have strung these attacks out. A mass of attacks like this might well be followed by another wave. Whether that happens in France or over the border in Germany, or across the channel in England remains to be seen. They could sit tight, gauge the reaction, then tweak their plans for the next wave.
We are not safe, but we could be safer. Instead, our government is importing them by the plane full, giving them money, food, a place to stay, and you can bet your bottom dollar they are making no effort to assimilate.
Just a note to the BLM activists, if you were half as good as you think, Barry would not have imported the junior varsity squad from Syria.
I expect we will have a SERIOUS terror incident within six months. It will be sufficient to disrupt activities in at least one city, and I would not be surprised if it did not include attacks against at least three cities.
Hang on to your hats, this rodeo ride is gonna end in disaster.

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