Thursday, November 5, 2015

Get real Kareem

Mooslime blowhard Kareem Abdul Jabbar is denouncing Ben Carson, saying he would be an unmitigated disaster for black Americans.  Really? The unmitigated disaster for blacks is Kareem's fellow mooslime Barry Soetoro. I guess when you are doing Taquaia, it does not matter the depth of the lie as long as you lie lie lie.
Lets compare Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr. to Ben Carson. Both attended College. Ben went to the University of Michigan and became a world famous pediatric Physician. Lew attended UCLA where he majored in entertainment, specifically bucket ball. Since he was tall, he excelled. No word on his academic achievements, and given that he fell for the bullshit lie of the pedophile Morehamhead, he likely aint all that smart. He did turn his one asset, height into money though. His contributions to society number Zero.
Carson is proving to be a viable candidate and polls show he could thrash Hitlery Clinton as could Trump and Cruz. Given that she could win against Rubish o or Krispy Kreme calls into question the sanity of a large percentage of Americans.
Republicans need a strong CONSERVATIVE choice, not the milk toast Jeb Bush. The chamber of Communinsts want this to be a race between Hitlery and Jeb. Both should be kicked to the curb. The Republican field has three viable conservatives, Trump, Carson, and Cruz. The rest are gutter garbage who are in the race to splinter the factions of voters to clear a path for the coronation of Jeb. Trump upsets that plan, and he may end up being the nomination. Right now the establishment GOP wants to derail him so they can get their evil plan back on track. They would rather have a committed communist crook like Clinton instead of a true conservative. Keep that in mind as you see attacks like the brainless chatter of the mooslime Kareem.

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