Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thank you Veterans

Some of you feel that the thanks is undeserved. It is not. If you served honorably, even if it was during a time of peace, you were still standing at the gate, ready to defend this nation. If all you did was cook, you cooked for your brothers in arms so they were nourished and ready to fight,and had the need arose, we all know you would have manned a machine gun, fended off sappers, given your full measure for America, family, and above all, GOD.
We salute our veterans today. We should salute them every day, because had they not stood the watch, the forces of evil, both here and abroad would have brought us down, fast, firm and hard. But the forces of evil abroad saw you and they withered at the thought that you were there. They knew you were not indoctrinated as their own troops, and they backed down.
The forces of evil here also saw you and knew that you would not be fooled by crazy dogma. They knew you understood freedom, and that you would not stand for a tyrant, and thanks to you tyranny was held in check.
 You are older now. For some of you the years behind are long, hard, and many. Still, the tyrants see you and fear you. They hope the next generation will not be as well versed, not as determined, not as patriotic as the fathers, grand fathers, and great grand fathers whom we honor today.
They have worked long and hard to tear down the family, to destroy the conduit that binds father to son, and injects that patriotic spirit. They have seen the fruit of their endeavors in the hell holes of America, places like Chiraq where the sons know not the tenants of discipline that fathers instill.
Veterans, you have stood on the wall, guarded the gate, and yet today, you would run back to them in an instant if our homes families or nation were under threat.
America salutes you, I salute you. I know what blood runs in your veins because it runs in mine as well. I am a veteran as well, and I salute you because with out you, I would have to fight the fight alone, and if I had to, I would fight that fight alone. So would you. Together we are brothers, the keepers of freedom.
Let freedom ring! Let liberties lamp shine through the darkness that engulfs the modern world. There have been stories these last few years of punks assaulting elderly veterans and getting their asses handed to them on a platter. They have reason to fear us. Let them fear us.

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Dan O. said...

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Thank you for your post and most of all Thank You for your service!