Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Frogs strike back

France is putting the hurt on the Syrian rebels. Its nice to see some one besides the Kremlin wanting to get rid of the parasites.
This does not mean an end to French bashing. I will continue to ly it on thick and hard. I do it to my own ancestry, why would I spare the Frogs?
This is not, repeat NOT part of Barry Soetoro's lead from behind strategy. In his case, lead from behind means his mouth is manipulated by whom ever has their hand up his ass on the robotic controls.
Initial plans were to bomb ISIS back to the stone age. Those were changed however when it was determined they had not yet advanced to the stone age.
Seriously, bombing them won't deter them. They believe the foolish lies of the pedophile morehamhead. The think they will get 72 virgins when they die. More likely they are hoping for the 24 supple young boys. They don't fear death, they have nothing to live for. It is an insane death cult that straps bombs onto the bodies of children and sends them wandering in a market. Maybe it is a selective form of retroactive birth control. Fewer males means more women to be enslaved by their sick cult.
I hope the resolve of the French is strong. I hope they pound ISIS hard for a decade. As for the refuse being imported by ObamAA-, if we must take them, my options for settlement communities are this;
1) Bikini Atoll. The name evokes images of scantily clad  girls with little left to  the imagination. The few mooslimes who prefer women would jump at the chance to go there.
2) Johnson Island. Lots of carcinogenic chemicals left there. Some might render them sterile which is a moot point given that there are no women in their midst.
3) Midway Island. We need to tell them the birds are Haraam so they don't disturb them. As a bonus, we could tell them that the U.S. mainland is just over the horizon to the south west. Las Vegas could make book on how far each of them swims, and use the proceeds to pat for the costs incurred.
4) build a fence around Chiraq, drop them in and see if they are as tough as the street gangs of Obozo's adopted city.

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