Thursday, November 19, 2015

They REFUSE to learn

It was bad enough that the frogs got their undies in a bunch when Zara store denied entry to a splodydope. It is clear now that they are unteachable. The article title, written by a leftard proclaims "France's President Just Showed the World There's Another Way to Respond to Terrorism" but fails to add that this is the wrong way. Does Tom McKay not understand that Islam is wanting to wipe us from the face of the planet? Moe important does Hollande not understand that?
Bigfurhat at IOTW posted that the attack in Paris was not big enough to make a difference in how these brain cell deficient liberals view islam, and he is spot on. The tragedy in this is that innocent people will perish while fools like Hollande refuse to learn. They are not totally innocent though. They are part of the problem in that they ignore the problem and whistle merrily past the grave yard. islame has a 1400 year track record of killing Christians, Jews, buddhists, hindus and even other variations of their death cult. Don't believe like the suni? Then the suni want to kill you! Same for the wahabists, shiite, or what ever flavor of goat molester they are.
Some people like to claim that the mooslimes will be exterminated at the beginning of the Tribulation period. Don't bank on it. Many thousands will be executed by beheading. Guess what merry bunch of terrorists prefer beheading. You got it!
Our leaders are just as bad. It does not seem to matter whether you are talking about the communist demonicrats, or the oh-so-stupid GOPe, all of them in Washington want to embrace these radicals. Know this, it is not eeeeevil republicans like George W. Bush who are controlled by Arab oil money, its all of them.
It is time for We the People to send a loud and clear message to Washington, Wall Street, and the interests that subvert our elected representatives that we won't take it any more. in 2016we need to clean house and kick every last one of them, to the curb.

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