Sunday, November 1, 2015

Oh Shit! It vegan day

The political leftards want us to give up meat. They are trying to kill us all off, one way or another. There is nothing like a fresh salad, trucked in from Mexico to give you E-coli . Couple that with  the sad fact that a diet devoid of meat will deprive you of necessary protein which makes you stupid, and you understand the why. If you are a demonicRAT, stick with your vegan diet. PLEASE! Other benefits for liberals include lowered sperm count, higher estrogen, Which explains ObamA-.
Are you a liberal? Stick to your dietary guns. Do you know a liberal? Encourage them. Fewer liberals means fewer abortions, fewer welfare recipients, fewer criminals.
As for me, I'm having steak with every meal today. Yum!

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