Saturday, November 14, 2015

My thoughts about yesterday

Paris erupted this morning as thousands took to the streets. French President Hollande increased the national security lever from Collaborate to Surrender, its highest level.
Parasites, in large mobs, swarmed around anyone who had even the slightest appearance of being middle eastern demanding they accept the unconditional surrender, and offering them sheep and goats since they apparently are uninterested in having sex with french women.
German Chancelor Merkel reacted by stating she was outrages that the French would surrender to anyone other than Germany and promised swift and stern reaction.

OK, sarcasm and French bashing aside, its time for Europe to get their collective shit together and begin mass deportations. Revisit operation wetback, and dump these scum on the south eastern tip of the Arabian peninsula. Every. Last. One. Let Mecca take care of them, and if they won't, let them all starve in MoreHamHeads domain. Let them bring jihad to the tent of Saud.
If Hitler could round up and slaughter six million Jews in six years, all of Europe, acting in concert, can accomplish it in two. In 1940 mot of the occupied nations resisted. Its time for them, every one, to git-r-done.
They won't. You know it, I know it, and the mooslime scum know it. Europe has bought into the leftist lies hook line and sinker. This is part of the new world order agenda.
No, I'm not a crazy conspiracy theorist. I happen to believe the Bible, and in this Isee the hand of GOD. Europe, and particularly France has turned their back on him and thumbed their noses at Jesus. We too, in America have angered him, and while he is slow to anger, his justice is sure and his commands certain.
We are in the quickening stage. the tribulation period could start at any time. It could be years or even decades away, but GOD assured us it would come quickly for the sake of his children.
Speaking for myself, I hve not done all I could to esteem him. I have not evangelised enough. I have allowed too many people on the path of foolishness to continue wandering.
We have scorned GOD. We accept abortion, we do not punish criminals. We accept sexual immorality, we tollerate fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and elevate them as if they were good things. We do not teach modesty.
Many of the teachings of islam are tenants of Christianity, but while they adhere to them, we have stepped away from what is right. While we should not cloak our daughters in burkas, we should teach them modesty. We should not waste time with reforming criminals, we should punish them. Swiftly and harshly. Many defense liars err lawyers argue that their client should not be executed because he has benefit to society. Brother, I tell you, the greater benefit IS in killing him. For every execution done swiftly, seven or more murders are prevented. What better contribution can a killer make than saving seven victims? What better gift to his community than keeping seven of his brethren from the confines of prison or the gallows?
We spare the rod and spoil the child though.
When we look at the crime centers of our nation what do we see? These are black communities that have bee devastated by the "acts of kindness" of the great society. It is not the color of their skin! It is the home they have which we created for them. Homes with out fathers. No bread winner to teach a work ethic. No disciplinarian. Mothers are great at handing out the love, lousy at handling the board of education and applying it to the seat of learning.  These kids are like the wild juvenile elephants in Africa where the herd has been decimated by ivory hunters. No role models, just bands of roving miscreants.
Thank. You. Liberals.
We are importing thousands of these same thugs who yesterday assaulted Paris. They are coming here in droves, young men, few women, fewer children, very few older men either. Military age islamists ripe for radicalization whether at home or in the mosques here. The typical young man thinks about sex more often than food. These men have no females to woo. They are outsiders to our culture, and we already have plenty of men competing for the girls here. That leaves them with three choices, homosexuality, goats, or the fantasy of 72 virgins. Many will opt for the virgins. they are impressionable, they actually believe the pedophiles lies.
What fate awaits us? Will we as a nation be destroyed by Putin? Will we be over run by jihad? will we implode as the anger whipped up by the marxist in chief fans the embers of civil unrest into civil war? At any rate, Babylon the great will fall. GOD has ordained it.

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