Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Are we under siege?

*UPDATE* Eight Syrians caught crossing into U.S. in Texas. How many have we missed?
Today we have reports of three Syrians caught at St Maarten attempting to sneak into the United States via Haiti. Another five were reported nabbed in Honduras. While it looks like we are under attack, is that the case? Barry has imported thousands of Syrian refuse err refugees. Any of them could be terrorists. Hell, all of them probably are. The ones caught today had altered Greek passports, and they weren't even good attempts. Is ISIS that dumb, or are we?
Is it possible these clowns were intended to be caught? a high visibility scoop would enhance ObamAA-s standing and would help his falling numbers. People are concerned, and they are concerned enough that the uniparty trash we sent to Washington is getting concerned. Not about American safety, but about their reelection safety.
My feeling on this is that ISIS would do a better job of preparation IF these guys were real terrorists. They would have provided a few females. The raid in Paris last night had one who blew herself up. They understand the importance of making their folks blend in. Another important item is that Iran is helping ISIS, and Iran is buddy buddy with Venezuela. It would be easier to just fly them in to Caracas and have them overland to the U.S. on the drug smuggling route. Indications from our southern border are that they are doing it that way now.
So why this three stooges act? Smoke and mirrors? Murphys laws of combat, the diversion you are ignoring turns out to be the main attack. If this is the main attack, ISIS is screwed, and what happened in Paris was some one else.

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