Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Resign already

The Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, GOPe hack Jennifer Horn showed that she is neither neutral, or in touch with the voters in her state as she attacked Republican front runner Donald Trump calling him divisive and bombastic. That sounds pretty divisive and bombastic to me. Maybe she should shut her mouth, or at least unwrap it from Tom Donohue's ass and take a good long look around.
Trump is leading the pack by a whopping 26 points at the moment. The reason is that We the People are fed up with the establishment GOP. We are demanding a better choice. We don't want fifteen carbon copies of the same failed rhetoric, we want a serious honest conservative. One who will live up to the ideals that conservatives hold, instead of the idiotic notions that wash outs from the communist party aka the democrats hold dear.
If you like infanticide, go join the communist party.
If you like Obozo hell care, go join the communist party. Better yet, go to Cuba AND STAY THERE!
If you like the TPTA, join Barry's communist party. Oh, wait, they hate it as much as rank and file conservatives.
Ms Horn, take the money the GOPe is paying you to be the poster child of stupid and spend it getting a clue.
Conservatives in New Hampshire are just as sick of your shtick as conservatives in Kansas.
The GOPe though is devisive even deeper. Former chair Fergus Cullen launched a challenge to Trump's candidacy claiming that he would hand the election to Hitlery.
HEY DUMBASS! That is what you all did with your nomination of Mitt and before that with McInsane. You are a cluster fuck! You are as worthless as .....

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