Thursday, November 26, 2015

A few thoughts

Today is the day we as a nation have set aside to give thanks to GOD our Creator for his mercy and the blessings we have. Less than a month form now we will celebrate the coming of his Greatest gift, Salvation in the form of his Son Jesus the Christ.
Today, let us consider the many smaller blessings he has given us. In spite of the dictatorial direction our nation is taking, we are still the freest nation on earth. We still have a system of government that allows us to rid ourselves of the bought and paid for hacks who infest our nations capitol. We have the ability to defend our homes and our nation from tyrants, even the ones we mistakenly elected.
We have abundance here as well, fields that feed the world, technology that has made life better for all mankind. Resources, natural, economic, intelectual, that profit us all as well as our fellow man in distant lands. GOD says that to whom much is given, mush will be required. Let us not forget what he has given us. Let us strive to help others. It is not our job to take in the masses. Rather it is for us to create an environment in their home land that encourages them to turn to the true GOD and worship him rather than the Satanic idols such as allah or buddha.
GOD has thus far held his hand in strong protection for this nation. Pray that he does not soon remove it. Pray that we have the strength to remain true to his word and loyal to his son through coming turmoil, The turmoil he has warned us about and which looms on the horizon. How long it will remain is not for us to know. That the great and terrible day is soon upon us is known though, and we, like the wise virgins should prepare. Both our hearts and our hearths for his time.
May each of you have a blessed day in the LORD. Partake of his bounty, honor him and pray for our nation.

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