Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A signature that nearly matches

A signature surfaced today, this one from 1999 that nearly matches the signature in the year book. Right down to the DA at the end. This is damning!

If you look closely, they are nearly identical. Case closed? Not hardly. Why would Moore, then a Circuit Judge, sign with the notation /DA when the signatue block clearly shows he is a Judge???
The answer is simple, the DA is for the judicial assistant who had signatory authority. Judges do not often fill out their own paperwork. When an assistant does it, they initial at the end.
In an odd twist, Beverly Young Nelson had contact with Judge Moore after 1977 when he supposedly signed her Yearbook. That was in 1999 when her divorce was handled in Judge Moore's court. She would have had copies of that paperwork, and with a little practice, some one could have forged a copy of the signature into the yearbook. This is AllRed's style. Oops.

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