Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The year of the long knives

At the end of June in 1934 Hitler implemented a purge known as Operation Hummingbird and rid his party, now in power, of the voices who wanted to continue his rebellion. He got rid of all the people, once close allies, who were no longer of use. His black shirts spent two night killing the majority of the brown shirts who had brought Hitler to power.
Much the same thing appears to be sweeping through the democrat party. In recent weeks, many long time male stalwarts of the party have been accused of sexual misconduct. What began with Harvey Weinstein has spread like a fire in a dry forest. From Actors and producers to news casters and politicians, the trickle has become a flood and now a raging torrent.
Shortly after this began, Diane Feinstein, the senile communist matriarch from California announced matter of factly that 2018 would be the year of the woman. Some viewed the initial onslaught as the purging of Clinton supporters. Weinstein was a big bundler for the Hildabeast, so it was a shock to see him attacked even of all the allegations were true. The communists have a long history of circling the wagons. They are like musk ox forming a heady circle of horns to protect a fallen or weak member of their herd.
The only trait that links the targets of this purge are genetics. One X, one Y, even gay icon George Takei landed in the cross hairs.
What at first appeared to be a rabid dog consuming it's own flesh now has the appearance of being just another purge. The history here is long and sad. OK,not sad in that they slaughter members who might be beneficial later. When and how does it end? Will it be over when every man has been accused?
2018 might well be the year of the democrat woman. By New Years Day all the liberal men with a synapse will be scurrying for the hills.
I aint gonna say it.......

Dang it, I gotta say it.....


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