Friday, November 10, 2017

Moore attack is a dem hack

Debbie Wesson Gibson is probably the most believable of the accusers who have crawled out to attack Judge Roy Moore. Nothing in her story other than her age is out of character with what is known about Judge Moore. One of the others accused him of providing her alcohol, and the other of getting her down to her underwear. Both stories are outlandish enough that if they were told about Worthless Willie, they would still lack credibility.
Turns out though that Gibson worked on the HiLlARy campaign in Alabama. Gee, where have we seen this MO before? Last year we had a dem hack attacking President Trump.
Speaking of Deja-vu, then, like now, the RINO's that infest Washington immediately jumped ship. At least for songbird, he landed safe in friendly territory. He won't have to suck up to the press like he did the North Vietnamese. He will anyway. Appearances and all.
These last minute surprises are part and parcel of the dem playbook. Kinda makes me wonder how many women the had accuse Abe Lincoln of inappropriate conduct.

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