Thursday, November 16, 2017

Frickin Franken

I would love to see him resign or be booted from the Senate, but clearly, the photo of him groping Leeann Tweeden is a joke. Looking at the shadows, his hand is not touching her. Yes, it lacks taste, something Franken has never possessed.
She is wearing a military equipment vest. Even if he had touched her, he'd have felt only the fabric. He is turned to the camera as well. This is something staged. Was Tweeden even asleep? She says she was. I won't call this sexual assault, but it very well might be a sick prank. Almost as bad as Minnesota electing the SNL shithead. As to him kissing her. Ship her a barrel of Lavoris. Just not Sin-of-men flavor.
For those of you not familiar with bad conduct among military, ask some one about the atomic sit-up.

UPDATE: I looked through her twitter feed. Her husband is a Military Pilot, her father was an Air Force Chief Master. She has quite a number of tweets about hubby and his unit. She has absolutely nothing political up. Does that mean purged? In her case, I am going to say no. She works as a sports reporter, and if she is conservative, announcing it would put her on the shadow blacklist. She is proud of her husband, proud of his service, and proud of this country.
I still cannot help questioning the timing, coming in the middle of the Judge Moore fiction. This could be read either way, a warning shot across the bow, or a subtle move to bolster the claims against Judge Moore even as they  fall apart like a sand castle as the tide rolls in.
One thing is certain that has nothing to do with Leeann, what commies accuse republicans of, you can be assured they are actually guilty of.
Maybe her husband can fly Franken some where... Just as long s it isn't back to America.

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JeremyR said...

Oh, I agree, The timing on accusations is everything. If an accuser comes up as soon as a candidate throws their hat in, I give it serious consideration. When it happens with in 90 days of the election, I want absolute proof.
That said, Franken is in no way comparable to either Trump or Moore. With President Trump, he made an "If then" statement. Essentially If I did it, I could get away with it because I have enough money to pay my way out. As for Judge Moore, Truth vs fiction, we have a picture of Al with Leeann, and while he says he does not remember the scene that way, we also have him making tons of statements far worse than President Trump's comment. Moore's accusers stories are unraveling...FAST!