Saturday, November 18, 2017

Understanding communism 101 lesson 2,017,315

We can spend our entire lives contrasting the stark differences between communism and capitalism, and some folks still won't get it. We call them democrats.
Today's focus is once again on the hermit kingdom where an elite troop assigned to the border patrol suffered an attack of Diarrhea so bad that in a desperate attempt to find an unoccupied shitter, sprinted to the Imperialist side. his fellow soldiers, mistaking his urgent need for a treasonous escape, shot the poor guy.
Yes, that is over the top hyperbole. The poor man was sick, riddled with parasites from consuming substandard and poorly prepared food. In a world where common things like electricity, running water and modern medicine are not given a though, the shining bastions of communism's successes lack those simple necessities. We get rare glimpses in side the bubbles of lil Kim's Korea, Mugabe's Zimbabwe, Castro's Cuba or Maduro's Venezuela. When we do, we should recoil in horror at the depravity of leaders who would deny their citizens such basic tools that would make life better and their nations prosperous.
We should also think long and hard about how those conditions came about, and realize that we too could be living like that or worse if we allowed our congressional leaders to socialize important aspects of our national economy.
Government should be in charge of roads and defense. and little else. Our present crop of congress critters though see themselves, not as our representative, but as our betters. They are unconcerned with the impact socializing every thing has. The don't care abut what happened to Rhodesia when it became Zimbabwe or Cuba when Castro seized power. All they care about is the people greasing their palms, and you can rest assured, it is not us.

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