Thursday, November 9, 2017

Some folks never learn

If "The Princess Bride" were made today, and not directed by communist shill Rotten Rob Reiner, Vizzini's classic line in the battle of wits would not contain "... never get involved in a land war in Asia" but instead "... never get involved in a pissing contest with Donald Trump"

So who are the latest candidates for the NFL play of the week?
The CMA. Do these people NOT realize that their main base is a bunch of rednecks? Folks who support President Trump? Is their goal to not sell songs? Piss off enough Americans and all your platinum records and a dollar won't get you a cup of McDonald's Coffee.
Liberalism is a mental disorder. Until the day Donald John Trump announced his candidacy, they had spent almost sixteen years blaming Dubya for all the problems in the world... And he turned out to be a liberal! Check out the pic SeeBS put up of the two, They misspell Assholes on their jackets.
Maybe this is a case of Stockholm syndrome. While they are not physical captives of the loony left, every day they risk the possibility that some crazy leftard will do a repeat of the Route 91 Harvest Festival massacre.
I like country music. More exactly, I like OLD country music. The crap these retarded modern day liberals are churning out does not appeal to me like the old stuff. The good old stuff. Give me Johnny Cash or Ray Stevens any time. Men and women who loved America.
I guess the race to obscurity has multiple competitors now.

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