Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The score card on Moore

A few weeks ago two women came forward and claimed that Judge Moore had dated them when they were seventeen and eighteen. Moore responded that he did not remember them, but that he always got permission from the mother before dating any lady.
Next up, and right on their heels was a claim that he messed around with a fourteen year old. She claimed that she met Roy Moore at the Court House when he was an assistant DA. She also claimed that Judge Moore made serious advances, called her several times, meeting him at an intersection just round the corner from her home and that he undressed her and made her touch him through his underwear. Finally, she claimed that his advances caused her problems emotionally involving drugs and alcohol, and suicidal tendencies.
The facts regarding her show that the only time Moore could have met her was a hearing where her mother gave up custody of her because her behavior was so problematic. She move in with her father only a few days later and that was not in Gadsden. The street corner that she named was more than a mile from her mothers home, hardly around the corner, and was across a heavily traveled street.
Next player up is Gloria AllRed and her crazy yearbook caper. No one who was a regular at the diner remembered Judge Moore. It was rather a redneck establishment, and Moore aint much of a red neck even if he is from Alabama. Her descriptions of the establishment don't jibe with established facts, and her claims about the hours of the business don't either. No other waitress has come forward to say she worked there and several have said they do not remember her working there. Her then boyfriend has also surfaced and says the story is unbelievable as well. Her step son is calling her a liar as well. lastly, the signature on the supposed yearbook matches the rubber stamp signature used by his assistant right down to the DA, her initials, at the end.
Now for my question, when are we going to start prosecuting false accusers who make allegations against political candidates, for election fraud?

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Gregory said...

I have been wondering that for a long time. And not just for election fraud, but for slander as well. People in this country have really butchered the concept of 'free speech'.