Tuesday, November 21, 2017

WTF??? In Kansas?

The American Communist Liberties Union is demanding that Garden City Community College explain why Rasool Samir is no longer on their basketball team. AssHole Scammer is off the team after he was confronted by a booster member who took offense at his shooting hoops while the National Anthem was being played.
The Booster, 74 year old Jim Howard has been a member of the boosters for 32 years. because of his patriotism though he is no longer allowed to support them. Maybe it's Garden City Communist College, their allowing scum like Samir on the team don't cut it in redneck country.
Sad to say, but for as conservative as Kansas is, we are stuck with the most liberal worthless Court system outside California. The reason is that our judges are chosen by a board composed of Liars err lawyers. Kansans deserve better.
As for Jim, he can save his money and give it to people who love America.

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