Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Birds gotta sing

One thing is certain about John McInsane, ever since the North Vietnamese twisted his arm to make him talk, the boy has not shut up.
Johnny boy opened his mouth to switch feet and began ranting like the lunatic he is about Roy Moore.
Roy Moore's wife is fourteen years his junior, so that makes him an easy target for unfounded accusations of pedophilia. He may have dated younger women, that is not a crime. Johnny boy's wife is eighteen years his junior, and the distinguished senator was cheating on his first wife with her. If Judge Moore engaged in sex with a minor, that is a major problem, and that would be cause for giving him the heave ho. The allegations that he dated younger women would appear to stand up given that his wife of forty two years falls into that subset of society.
Here is a reality check for every one, Moore served in the military during which time family life would have been chaotic. he then attended college, and nothing screws up a good education like dating and such. He would have been around girls ten years his junior at that time as well, so he was likely dating younger women then as well. Many people tend to marry during their twenties. When women get to thirty , most of them fall in to one of these categories; 1)Married, so only available to people like Worthless Willie and the Kennedys . 2) Divorced...for a reason. 3. Career minded, so not looking for a family. 4) Issues. We'll leave it at that.
I was stationed in the area for a little while at that time. Lots of young girls hanging out at places the GI's went  looking for a guy to hook or hook up with. As an NCO, I constantly warned my troops about the dangers lurking.  We had more than one GI pick up a girl and sleep with her only to learn her ID was fake and she was well under age. Many, it appeared, were encouraged by their family. We called it bare trapping, the gal wanted to get pregnant, not so she could land a husband, but so she could land child support. Others looked for the GIs because the local boys didn't have money to lavish on them.
We don't know all the details of his dating history. Was he screwing gals back then, or was he already a pillar of virtue as he claims. Those are unknown, and unimportant until some one comes forward with real proof.
Another factor, leopards do not change their spots. If he was assaulting girls back then, the pattern would have continued. Compare him to songbird who says one thing and does another and has been for his entire public service career.
Another thing you can say about McInsane is he has never disgraced the democrat party. While he follows their platforms almost perfectly, his status as a RINO means they don't have to take the shame.

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