Monday, November 13, 2017


The accusations against HiLlARy bundler Harvey Weinstein continue to pile up. One though stands out as totally absurd. Paris Hilton. Why? He struck out. If this story is correct, that means Harvey and me are the only two men in America who have not been in her disease ridden crotch. OK, that is an exaggeration, she hasn't had time to screw every one.

There is a story that Phyllis Diller went to work at Miramax after a couple of weeks she stormed in to Bob Weinstein's office and told him, "before I took this lousy job, I'd heard rumors about all the sexual harassment going on here."
Bob interrupted, " What ever happened, we will make it right."
Phyllis replied, "Look, I've been here two weeks, and your brother hasn't so much as pinched my ass yet. Did he turn gay or suddenly get religion?"

 As for Paris, who knew she had taste?

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