Saturday, November 11, 2017

Maher is so wrong

HBO's stand up shit bag Bill Maher went on about sexual harassment during a recent monologue. In "defending his tribe", he said, "We arrest our alleged rapists. They elect them"
Two words, Bill Clinton. To this day liberals defend the serial rapist. His accusers are still under attack, demeaned, put down. The big thing with worthless Willie is there is ample proof.
Now, let us talk about President Trump shall we? He made a statement. Words. True words. At the time he stated that he could grab a woman by the pussy, it was happening among the elitists and no one was doing a damn thing. When he made the observation, Weinstein was groping women with impunity and when one complained, they paid her off.
President Trump never said he groped any women, and no credible accusers have come forward. Scratch him off your list Maher.
But what about Judge Moore? One accuser claimed to have been served alcohol when she was under age... In a dry county. Did. Not. Happen. Another accuser is a know dem hack who shilled for HiLlARy. The last one is so beyond the scope of believe-ability. Put together, these women show the desperation of the uniparty machine.
Too bad I don't get HBO, I'd cancel it to send Maher a message. He wouldn't understand, he's a liberal.

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