Friday, November 24, 2017

Character counts

Allegations made by Gloria AllRed, communist hack and HiLlARy sleaze have caused a bit of a shake up in Alabama politics. Now, Bill Staehle, a former Army officer who served with CPT Roy Moore in Vietnam has come forward with his story of events from decades past.
Do Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde really exist? Can a man who displayed high moral character in a far off country where no one would be apt to remember him return home and morph into a pervert, then morph bck to a moral person only a few years later? Leopards don't change their spots. HiLlARy and worthless Willie were scum back then and remain scum today. I do not for a moment believe that Judge Roy Moore was ever the fink that scumbag Gloria wants people to believe he was.
The uniparty hacks will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. My own gut feeling is that McCommie is as much behind the attacks on Moore as the communist party democrats. He, Songbird, and Grahamnasty jumped al over Judge Moore too fast. They didn't even have time to read the story and they were demanding his resignation.
Character counts, and so far, all the ones attacking Judge Moore have exactly none.

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