Friday, November 10, 2017

Now throw it out completely

After the battle of the Little Big Horn, The Indians celebrated their victory by desecrating the corpses of the fallen cavalry. The shot them full of arrows, scalped them, disemboweled them and more. It was not an abnormality, it was part of how they did battle. History is full of examples of similar conduct and an oft used insult is to threaten to piss on some ones grave.
Staff Sgt. Joseph Chamblin was convicted of urinating on a corpse in Shit-holeistan. His conviction was overturned after evidence surfaced that Gen. James F. Amos influenced the court.
Considering that the Taliban are war criminals, I have no problem with it. We have seen the muslims behead journalists, disembowel contract workers, and use tactic that are against the Geneva conventions.
Staff Sgt. Joseph Chamblin should be nominated for a decoration. Let the scum know we do not give a rat's ass about their stupid religion. We should be in-your-face with them. Have units patrol accompanied by pigs. Hogs have keen noses, they would make great bomb sniffers, and if one were killed by an ied, a good supper. Bet the muzzies would think long and hard about their roll in the war.
OK, that last was a stretch. If they could think long and hard, they would not be muzzies.

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