Monday, November 13, 2017

Not a peep

Moore's latest accuser, represented by no slimier a scumbag than Gloria AllRed is being portrayed as a Trump supporting republican. I went to farcebook and looked up Beverly Young Nelson and found her. Same woman as is seen in the press photo on Breitbart. I scanned her time line. Essentially there is nothing there but cat memes and a few other assorted reposts. Her time line for 2016 and 2015 is essentially blank, only  few posts. 2017 is over flowing with memes. That prompts the question, Why??? It looks to me like her page has been scrubbed. I mean really scrubbed. I clicked one off her friend list that appeared to be a sister. Just a short ways down the page, I suddenly got blocked, shut off cold. Her page is again active, but all that is left are profile pic updates. When I clicked on the About link, I again get the blocked message.
If she was a Trump supporter as they claim, there would be some political baggage there. Granted, my page is mostly blank, but I visit it once in a blue moon. Several years ago I was reposting a ton of political memes. Easy to tell where I stood.
They knew people would be looking as soon as her name hit the wires. I know  I am not the only person to google her today. If she was on the up and up, they would not have purged two entire years from her timeline. By this time tomorrow sleuths from around the nation will have picked apart her story. Every one has a history. The media has a vested interest in ignoring it, so don't expect to see anything unless Hannity covers it.


Gregory said...

MSM- drive-by reporting at its best. I hate them. Don't listen to them very often....

pigpen51 said...

They can scrub her account, but there are ways of getting the information back. Someone will, rest assured. If there is anything there, it will come out. I myself expect it.