Wednesday, November 22, 2017

When everything is sexism

Since the 2016 rejection of the Washington establishment, we have had a nearly continuous flood of sexual misconduct allegations. Anthony Weiner's last minute fiasco seemed to many to be the end for HiLlARy's campaign.
From there, it has been game on. Many stalwarts, and not a few sleazes have been accused, and some demonics have waxed nostalgically about getting a do over on worthless Willie. The uniparty went all in on Judge Roy Moore, and no matter how the press plays it, the thing is falling apart like an abandoned house in Detroit.
Voters though do not seem to be in the least bit swayed. The press and congress critters are the only ones really reacting to the tall tales. It is almost as if the voters are ignoring the stories, like they knew it  was fiction from the word go.
IS the primo sex card finally worn out? Votes are getting smarter, but every year adds a fresh crop of gullible new kids to the base. The uniparty folks starting this fire are like the schmucks on Naked and Afraid starting a fire in the middle of a deluge. Not. Gonna.. Happen. Even with all th gasoline they have used from Fricken Franken to pulling the chair out from under worthless Willie, nothing seems to bolster their contention that Moore is the wrong candidate.
Every person running needs to think long and hard about this. 2018 is just around the corner, and if you are a grass roots conservative, they will throw every allegation they can dream up at you until you blink. Then they will blind side you.
For now it looks like they have cried wolf once too often. Look out though, we have a hard your of BS to trudge through.

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Gregory said...

I agree with all of this. And, I think all of these sex abuse allegations are just stories made up so that the women can be handed piles of free money. I think that most of them are liars and gold-diggers....or tramps who exaggerate for money.