Thursday, November 2, 2017

Bernie got hosed. This is OLD news

Donna Brasshole revealed that the cankles team was running the show at the DNC from the very beginning. It was obvious to most of us that Bernie was getting hosed. To me, I say no big deal, he was a communist but an "Independent" one up until the primaries began, then he joined the democrats. Having been an outsider for years, he didn't necessarily deserve to join the "club" as leader.
The ones who really got screwed are the pinheads who supported him in the primaries. No, I don't feel sorry for the violent self absorbed thugs who he drew to the communist party. Crooks messing over crooks is as old as Abraham. The same thing was happening in the republican party. The only difference was the result. Low energy Jeb got schlonged by President trump. Why? Because Trump rallied real support. in substantial enough numbers to stop cold the effort to unseat him.
Bernie was a step further toward true communism. Granted, HiLlARy was little different, other than gender, they were pretty much two peas in a pod. Ok, Bernie had more energy. like a 20 watt bulb next to a heliarc lantern, but he was unable to focus that energy.
If negative ten were far left, and positive ten far right, bush and the other RINO can't-didates were some where between 0 and minus one. The Hildabeast and Bernie were both in the negative nine region.
President Trump? He was a plus ten in many ways. President Trump is not a true republican. He is a conservative. There is a difference.Most republican voters it turns out are conservatives, not republicans. If that were not true, HilLary would have stolen the election.... From Jebito.
As fr Bernie, too bad, so sad. The demonicRATs need to decide if they want to go all in for fascism, or clean up the party and be liberals. Not much difference these days, but forty years ago you could tell a communist from a democrat. Dang it was hard though.
NOw the dems want to lure the Bern band back. Why? to screw them again.

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