Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Are you boycotting Beam?

Jim Beam Spokespeon and actress Mila Kunis proved that she is worse in real life than just a Bad Mom. The sleezzebag is upset with Vice President Mike Pence because of his stance on many issue. Big deal, no body needs to like every body, heck, for all I care you can hate the world. Mila though has gone a little too far in my opinion and that of a lot of people.
She is making donations in Pence's name to an organization he adamantly opposes, Mass Murdering Planned Parenthood. She was plenty proud of her actions, she went on Conan and bragged it to the world. I'm not saying she doesn't have the right to donate to the baby killers, she does not in my opinion have the right to demean VP Pence while she does it.
Many people are calling for a boycott of Jim Beam until they toss the vile Russian bitch under a suitable bus.
Russian?? Ya mean we got another tie from the Rooskies? Is Mule Ears gonna investigate that too? Charge Pence with collusion because a Russian born worthless POS is throwing money around in his name? That must be grounds for impeachment!!!!!!!
She is just another dimwitted demonic crap commie. One more reason to hate Hollywood and all they stand for.

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pigpen51 said...

My suggestion is that Pence take the donation of his taxes and make sure that Mila knows he did so. Maybe he could donate the money he saves from that deduction to help fund a pro life group.