Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Is he right?

Terry Mc Awful, the communist governor of Virginia was asked about Donna Brasshole's confessions regarding the collusion during the democrat's rigged primaries to shut out Bernie Sanders, the Johnny-come-lately who went from being an independent communist to joining the communist controlled democrat party in his bid for the presidency. Remember, Donna was the one who passed questions to the Clinton camp prior to a town hall debate.
Mc Awful says people don't care. I am not surprised. The leftist mentality has been, "its ok for our people to cheat for a very long time". So, why would Donna revealing that she was part of a bigger pattern bother any one?
For those of us who are not little commie suck ups, it does not matter because we have known for years that the dems are criminal to the core. If the dems make an accusation, it usually means they were doing it, and since they lost, it must mean the republicans were doing it as well, only better. We are not ever going to vote for a liberal, and for most of us, not a liberal claiming to be republican like Johnny RINO McInsane. Yes, we understand that 99% of politicians are crooks, that is why we will rinse and repeat as often as necessary to get a some what honest albeit incompetent jerk instead of a smooth talking carreer criminal who should be in a super max.
Like Mc Awful!

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