Friday, July 6, 2018

Guess the race

We had an amber alert today! about three this afternoon, my phone and dang near everyone in the Midwest chirped because a thirteen year old girl in Lenexa disappeared with a 22YO male. They went missing on Wednesday. Talk about a swift notification! /sarc The alert was canceled about 5:15 this evening when the Minnesota department of criminal apprehension nabbed Deshon White and the juvenile in St Paul Minnesota.
When the alert went out, I reminded those in close proximity that the standard rule is, 15 for 10 will get you 20. It used to be, 15 for 10 will get you shot, but that aint PC no more.
The two met online. The juvie was living with her father who tried to stop it, but she moved in with her mother to continue the relationshit with White who claimed he was sixteen. In my opinion, the girl needs to spend a few weeks in a facility under strict lock and key, then be remanded to her father with limited contact with the mother who allowed this.
As for White, why can't we castrate him?

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