Saturday, July 7, 2018

Add a name to the list PLEASE

President Trump has a list of potential nominees for the Supreme Court. They are among the most conservative judges, lawyers, and Senators in the nation. Several are reputed to be never Trumpers, but President Trump has indicated he would consider them because they stand firm on the Constitution regardless of their personal feelings toward him.
One name is not on the list that maybe should be there. He has already served the President in examining the voter fraud that likely shifted the popular vote in states like California enough that though it did not effect the outcome of the election, created an illusion that the electoral college is failing us, when in fact, it is doing exactly what it was intended to do and limiting the power that one or a few states can exercise.
Of course, I am referring to Kris Kobach who is running for governor here in Kansas. While he is a little old to be swinging into a SCOTUS seat, he is 52, he is also a person who could be influential for at least the next thirty years with a strong conservative bent.
Kansans are going to have to choose between him and Colyer who, while not a lawyer, has been deep in conservative politics for quite some time and is poured from the same mold.
At this point, I will likely vote for Colyer. Not because I don't like Kris, but because I feel he would better serve our nation at the federal level. If not a judge, tap him to Justice and have him do what Sessions isn't. That nomination would send Liarwatha into orbit.

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