Tuesday, July 10, 2018

You can only scrape the bottom for so long

The communist infested democrat party has been scraping bottom for quite a few years now.Back in 92 we had Worthless Willie and Slinky his enabling wife raping and scraping their way from Little Rock to the White House.
They followed that up with the bozo reverend Al Gore of the church of glowbull Warming, funded in part by Chinese monks.
Next up was Swift boat Kerry and his self inflicted Purple Hearts. Did you know he served in Vietnam???
That of course led to the Kenyan born Indonesian dope head, then to his traitorous Former Secretary of State.
This is no slippery slope, this is power diving off a cliff into rocks! This is scraping the bottom of the barrel clean!
So, once you have scraped the bottom clean out of the barrel, what do you do next? Ahem. WTF, they've had the Indian vote sewn up since Custer.

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