Monday, July 2, 2018

One more sign California schools are FUBAR

A UCLA professor was found dead in November 2017. The professor died during a bondage ritual in which he was mummified in plastic wrap and gaffers tape. Think about that. this guy taught at UCLA. He was teaching impressionable young adults about world art, but also active in the LGBTQ structure at the university.
The sad part is, there are many more like him, and California isn't the only state with this kind of massive infestation of goofy abnormalities. And l9iberals want even more access for them to our kids. Right now, less than half of high school graduates attend college. Folks like fauxahontis want to make them accessible to everyone for free. This accomplishes two things, more exposure to abnormal folks like Doran George, and a massive payday for people like him. College professors don't work cheap, if you want to call that work.

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