Thursday, July 12, 2018

Anything for attention

Kids want and need attention. It starts the moment they are born when all they can do to express their needs is to scream, usually at the moment you are most stressed, inconvenienced, or otherwise occupied. Some times it is legitimate needs, hungry, a dirty diaper, or just plain uncomfortable. Other times it is the need for love, a hug, attention, affirmation. Those are needs which are just as important, to the child, as food, water, or air.
As kids get older, they wander back and forth, some times they want exactly zero attention, the next moment they want it, undivided, fully focused, unblinking.
I cannot help but wonder, given how hectic we have allowed our lives to become, if some of the transgender BS from kids is mere attention seeking. At eighteen, most kids have no clue what they really want in life. (Continues past fifty, let me tell you...) In the past few years we have had a veritable tsunami of kids coming out as transgender. This has nothing to do with bias, homophobia, embarrassment, or any other reason why people in previous generations were not coming out in the same percentages, This appears to me to all be about attention seeking.
Kids really do that, and often times it comes with a very high risk of injury, disfugurment, and even death. Skateboarding down the steps in front of city hall? Riding the hand rail up to the moment you slipped and got your nuts crushed, and grandma was having a fit that the one they removed meant no grandsons, or conversely, no grand daughter. Yes, I know a guy who had one removed because of a dumb stunt forty years ago. He has sons and daughters, so grandma can rest relieved.
Again, it seems to me, that many of the kids coming out as transgender are doing it for attention purposes. BUT it has consequences. Hormone therapy can cause permanent biological changes that render a person sterile even if they never go under the knife. Judge Joseph Kirby pointed out that many kids transition OUT of gender dysphoria. Leigh and Kylen Whitaker took their daughter to see the judge about a name change. Heidi wanted to become Elliott. The judge told them to put the brakes on it.
If some one wants to destroy or disfigure their body, that is their choice. A dumb one, but theirs. There are a lot of things we don't allow kids to do. Drinking and smoking top the list. Gender disfiguration should be added by statute to that list.
It is time, in my opinion, to put a stop to kids seeking to disfigure themselves and adults who should know better allowing it.
Hormone therapy should not be allowed to take place on anyone younger than twenty. Why twenty? Given the monumental harm it will do to them, nothing should be allowed prior to them becoming an adult. After they reach the age of majority, eighteen in most states, they should be required to live as their birth gender for a period of one year. Not forced to have sex, or even date, just live, dress and pretend to be a man, if you were born with testicles, or a woman if you were born with XX chromosomes. The person should be required to attend regular therapy sessions and discuss the problems they are encountering and why they want to switch.
After a year, allow them to live for a years as the opposite sex, but no hormone therapy yet.  Then, after a year, allow them to destroy their body, trash the temple of their adult being. By that point, they should be old enough to understand that a transition is irreversible, and only sustainable with chemical intervention, that once they go under the knife, they will be unable to father children, bear children, and pass on the genetics that they were bestowed with.
As for Heidi's parents, if they wanted a son that bad, they could have, 1, tried again, 2, adopted, 3, apreciated the daughter GOD gave them and gotten help for her when what ever demons invaded her life convinced her she was a he.

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