Sunday, July 22, 2018

Whoopie being Whoopie

The shameless critters that inhabit the view and make it impossible for sane folks to watch number among them one Whoopie Goldberg, a low grade actress who's only claim to stardom is her skin color. White women with her lack of character, charisma, looks or talent would be unnamed extras for low budget pictures. Whoopie the weird though continues to be the gift that keeps giving as the Eew hosted Judge Jeanie Shapiro, and proved their classlessness by spending the segment trashing the President who has done more for the economy than the last three combined, unless you are a civil litigation liar err lawyer.
Right now it is a she said, it said back and forth that the judge seems content to just drop and move on. Until video comes out to prove either side, and I'm sure it exists, it happened in a studio for Pete's sake, we won't get the full scope of it all. Regardless, The actions have no bearing what-so-ever on my opinion of Caryn Elaine Johnson the bitch who goes by Goldie.
I have no respect for actors in general. Most are barely educated and only good at reading a script and faking emotions.
I also have no respect for people who cannot accept when their side loses. Did you notice all the conservatives rioting in 2012 when the worst president ever some how got a second term that did not involve high fences, concertina wire and an electric chair just down the hall? I was gonna join them, but had to work in the morning. Bet you felt the same way.
I also have no respect for people who think it is their position to tell me what I should feel or think, and then insult me because of my beliefs.
They whine and scream about slut shaming, fat shaming, and just about every thing that people do which others  might find offensive when it gets up in their face, but feel it is their gia given right, they have no god, and certainly do not know GOD, to try to shame us for voting into office the man who is fixing all the problems created by the dark skinned arab blunderboy Barry.
So, no, this does not change, in the least, my opinion of the miserable cow Caryn. Just remember, when you see her, that is what a feminazi looks like.

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