Sunday, July 8, 2018

It's a HiLlARy town

Prosecutors have dismissed charges against most of the  more than 200 communist protesters who were arrested in Washington when President Trump was inaugurated. Twenty one of the scum pleaded guilty, but the rest demanded trials. In the cases that made it to trial, jurors refused to convict anyone. Washington is as blue as they come. Even the republicans there are communists, and they aligned with their deep state pals want President Trump to fail.
That President Trump has ant victories is a testament to his skills as a leader, businessman, and negotiator. He is trying to drain the swamp, but he unfortunately is up to his asshole in alligators. No surprise I guess. He knew it going in but he went anyway.  While not on par with the fire fighters who marched in to the World Trade Center, it is the very same mentality, a man who will put aside personal gain and do what is best for his country.
Meanwhile, the violence continues unabated in places where they feel they are safe from court actions. Don't think we are in a civil war? Think again. The shooting started, what has not happened is people who love this country shooting back. Thanks to the Police and others who are trying to control this. Shame on the people who would encourage this sort of behavior, and especially those who refuse to punish evil and instead call it good.

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