Thursday, July 26, 2018

Should have used rock paper scissors

Two Roswell Georgia police officers have been fired after using a coin flip app to decide whether or not to arrest a driver who was speeding on a wet road. Not really though since the decision was arrest if heads, but release if tails, aaannnddd when the app came up tails, the officer arrested her anyway.
The whole thing came to light when details of the arrest were released and included body cam footage of the conversation between the officers in the cruiser.
Sometimes it is a close call for an officer. Not every one gets a ticket, not everyone gets a ride home when it comes to traffic offenses. If the cops had done this with a murder suspect, that might be another story, but since they ignored the results of the app, it would not have mattered. Still, Sarah Webb managed to get off by screaming about it. My feelings on this is the ass kissing dolt of a coward who is the chief in Roswell was wrong, but... Who cares?

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