Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Just got home from Illinois

My wife had an appointment at the Honduran embassy in Chicago on Monday morning to renew her passport. Since she is still a Honduran national, that document is pretty important , and it expired last year. Not wanting to deal with a hotel, we departed Kansas late in the day Sunday and drove through the night with a targeted arrival of 8 Monday morning. Because of construction, lots of construction, in Illinois, we were delayed a little bit. Still, we arrived at the address before 9 aaannnndddd it wasn't there. This is the official address listed on their official web page. BTW, it is the same address we had in 2012 went we went last time, and it had already vacated that property. Looking around, I quickly spotted the place we'd been to before... Its now a clothing store. No, the had another location, and it was a full thirty minutes away. ten blocks, but Chicago traffic. Ok, a little further.
We made it ahead of her appointment though, got in and the place was PACKED. They were working on the 9 O clock appointments and were only half way through them, come back at eleven.
At eleven we got in line again. This time, we got the forms to complete, filled them out, returned them with a copy of her birth certificate and a money order for the new Passport, then it was sit and wait. By 1:30, every one who had been there when we arrived was gone. The place was still over flowing. We got the photo taken about then and we were done.
Last stop was lunch. My wife wanted to treat me to authentic Honduran food, and the recommended restaurant was about six blocks from the old consulate location. Then, with a full belly, it was back to Kansas. So, 22 hours of driving, three hours of sitting on beurocrats, they are the same the world over, throw in time for fuel and bathroom breaks and I had a full day Monday, arriving home just after 2 in the morning Tuesday.. Did I mention I got up Sunday at 5 am?
This afternoon my son called; "Well, I take it you made it back, how was the trip?" I gave him a short run down...
Question two, "So, is Illinois Road head as good as Kansas Road head?"
If his mother ever decided to start dating, I'd bet he would ask any man she traveled with the same question. Might be why she avoids men to this day.
OK, he also asked if I made any contributions to Heyjackass while I was there. Sorry, given Chicago's draconian gun laws, I opted to not make myself available for an extended stay in the former governor's mansion. But, remember the old thing from back in the 80's, 50 bonus points if you leave the shoes break dancing? Didn't get bonus points either.
OK, it's an excuse to throw a little CCR into the mix.

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